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I don't remember exactly where I found this one. It's just one of those songs that I picked up along the way. I've heard it on Classical CDs more than a few times, so it appears to be a pretty popular song. I can see why, I really like playing it.
Moonlight Sonata
Who hasn't heard this song? I don't really do it justice here, and I still prefer it on the piano (I'll learn it on Piano one of these days)
Nobody Home
For those who don't recognize it immediatly, this is a song off of Pink Floyd's "The Wall". This is another one of those cases where I don't play it exactly how it is on the CD, but this is how I've played it for about 8 years (or something like that) so it's too late to change it now. lol.
Carcassi 2
Carcassi was a guitarist and composer from the 1800s. Almost every time I see a tabliture written by him it turns out to be a song I like. I guess maybe because his songs were actually composed for the guitar, as opposed to others which start on the piano, is why they sound good on guitar and are generally easier to play.

There are 4 songs on here that I'm pretty sure are all Carcassi songs (I've lost the music I learned them from). They aren't in order because I ended up shifting them around on the CD, but named them in the order that they were recorded.
Also known as the Christmas song "What Child is This?". I heard this on another classical CD and thought to myself..."I need to learn that."
Carcassi 1
See "Carcassi 2"
Extended Summer
This is a song I wrote a while ago that always needed to be re-recorded. Now that I have a better microphone, I was able to capture it closer to what was always intended.
Carcassi 3
See "Carcassi 2".

Only the part that in 3/4 is the original song. Everything after that (from where it changes to 4/4 an on) is stuff that I started to play after finishing the original piece.
Cannon In D
Everyone has heard this song probably. I suppose it's most famous for its use in weddings. I've always liked it though, and my mom says this is her favorite song that I can play, so it's gotta be on here.
Fun Song
This is just a song that I play around with because the E harmonic scale fits right on top of it. It not anything that's written down and the solo is improvised, so there are a couple errors in it. I don't care though, because as can be seen by the title, this is supposed to be a "Fun Song"
Carcassi 4
See Carcassi 2
Road Trippin
Originally by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, this is my rendition of it.