New Experimental Song - Experimentally Titled "Eastern Wind"

Like most os this stuff here, it's not done. My computer seems unable to add more than a few instruments without freaking out if I use the drum plugin and guitar plugin, which this one does. Anyway, it's all fake, the bass, the drums, the cellos and violin. It's all midi, and it was all entered either via a keyboard (strings) or by hand (drums)

Eastern Wind (2MB)

Wedding Songs

I'm trying to learn a couple songs for a wedding, here's the results so far:

Is There Anybody Out There?

I thought I'd try adding the orchestral instruments to my rendition of "Is There Anybody Out There?" also. Tell me what you think....kinda close I think.

Is There Anybody Out There? (1,5MB)

Fresh Song of the Press

I just got a copy of the "Garrtian Personal Orchestra". This is my first venture into a song with it. This song has piano, bass, cello, violins, french horn, and Tuba. I hope you all like it. It started out as just a piano song (hence the name), but then I started playing around and before I knew it I had all those instruments above added to the song. It was a lot of fun actually.

Download Orchestra Song (2.7MB)

Clasical CD is Finished (I think)

I've created a new section just for this CD so I can try out a new way of playing the MP3 files right from the site. Anyway, head on over to check it out.

Equipment Update

The Equipment descrobed below isn't what I've used for my most recent stuff. I've been using Tracktion for a few months. I really like it.

Older Music Stuff...

I just wanted to get up some files here real quick, these are songs I recorded using N-Track Studio, and the microphone that came with my pc. Oh, I used a guitar too, lol. Some of these songs actually have a bass guitar in them too, and most songs are made up of at least two tracks, usually more.

Ahhh, finally. I bought the bullet and...eh bought...an M-Port DSP3000. It's the new version of what used to be called the C-Port. I guess it's had some upgrades and stuff. I'm pretty impressed so far. The three songs below were the first recording samples done with the new hardware.

NTrack pic I'm still staying true to my roots though and using N-Track Studio for software. The newest songs (Versatility) are also mastered somewhat using endorphin and the Classic Master Limiter, both free plugins.

However, I still need one more piece of hardware, a nice condenser microphone for recording my acoustic guitar, the SM58 I have doesn't cut it, too noisy.

Well, it appears that some systems don't like to play WMA files all that much...or at all. So I reconverted the songs to MP3 format (and actually made some minor changes too). So everyone feel free to try the links again for Versatility.

Versatility - A new Project

Soundboard pic This was a short project betweem my cousin and I. When I recieved my new M-Port I went down to his house for a weekend to write and record some songs. We ended up only having one day really to write and record (Saturday), but I think we came up with some good ideas for a longer session in the future (where we can take the time to actually think about the songs a little more).

In any case, we were more concerned with learning about the new recording hardware and getting the procedures down than anything else. Next time we'll be able to get right into it. **Note for next time...make sure the hi-hat doesn't get into so many of the microphones, especially th snare (if possible).
Idea #1 (1MB)

Short 1 minute idea.
New 601 (2.1MB)

Using the drums from the song "601" below to make a new song. The guitars aren't synched in some parts, kinda sloppy but I like the idea a lot. Obviously the part at the end is supposed to have the second guitar (and drums) come back.
436 (1.4MB)

Kind of a blusey type song. The original guitar was much different, this new guitar line seems to work much better.
601 (.8MB)

Hardcore song. Sounds like Candiria.
807 (1.3MB)

Don't know how to label this song.

Restless, Restless

Restless (High Quality) (6.6MB)

Restless (Low Quality) (1.2MB)
This is my entry for the Howard Stern contest where we had to take the "lyrics" from a song and write a (hopefully) better one around them. So this is my shot at it. I already had the music, but writing and recording the actual song took me about 5 hours. I would have liked to spend more time on it, but when I decided to do it there was only 2 days left in the contest, and I have to mail this thing.

Songs I Wrote:

Extended Summer (3MB) This song represents the second half of a two songs that are supposed to be played back to back. You can hear the end of the first song in the beginning. I really like this song though, it probably represents one of the most "finished" songs I've ever written. Usually I isually wing the solos and then pick one that I like. This one I actually took time to think "what would sound good here". I think the result is pretty good.

This song does suffer from some bad hissing though, it sounds like an old tape in parts. This really bad section is where there are three guitars playing at the same time. The rest of the song sounds pretty good though. Enjoy!
First Shot (1MB) Well, this song is a little different from everything else here to say the least. This is a techno song I made with a demo version of some software. I never did get it to sound exactly the way I wanted (I think real drums are easier to play sometimes). Anyway, it's only 1 minute long, but loops so you can make it as long as you want, lol.

Oh by the way, the voice clips aren't me, they came with the software too.
Woods (1.8MB) This was written a long time ago, somewhere in the 90s. This was one of the songs that was recorded with my Elictric/Acoustic guitar, so I was able to plug the guitar directly into the back of the sound card which greatly improved the sound quality. I actually sing in this song too. I generally don't like to sing in songs, but this one seemed to need some lyrics. Oh well.
Aye Yae (2.9MB) This is supposed to be my "beach" song. When you listen to it you have to imagine yourself on a beach somewhere drinking a rum punch or something. It's kind of Reggaeish, but kinda not too. I always pictured this song having a section in the middle where you pipe in some sounds of people on the beach during a party or something. Beer bottles clinking, people telling stories and laughing. I haven't had a chance to bring my computer down to the beach yet though to capture those sounds, lol.

Cover Tunes:

Pride and Joy (3.1MB) You might know this song. This is "Pride and Joy" (Stevie Ray Vaughn). Obviously, my attempt at this song doesn't even compare to his, but I still had fun with it.
Canon in D (7MB) Canon in D, a famous (I think) song. I'm sure most Classical music purists will say that I ruined this song, (kind of like Pride and Joy above). In any case, it's fun to play.