Listed here are some of the applications that I have written in Visual Basic. Please click the screenshots at the right for a full size view of the application.

Fish Monitor:
This application was used to monitor the temperature of a fish tank (although it could be used to monitor the temperature of anything). It interfaced with the Dr. DAQ (Data Acquisition Unit). Fish Monitor was my final project for MIS 425 (Visual Basic 6 II). When developing this software I was able to use many techniques that I had never used before including MDI forms, wrappers, the Windows registry, and a toolbar. This was by far the most I learned from any one application.

This application was the first assignment for MIS 425. The concept was to build a journal application that used text files as a storage mechanism. This was a fun application to build.

XML News Feed Grabber (ITC):
This was a piece of software that was developed in conjunction with the redesign of the College of Business web site. We wanted to have a news feed on the home page, but we didn't want it to slow down the loading of the page.

The initial idea was to use the JavaScript provided by moreover to load the news items, but this proved to be too slow, sometimes that script would take 2 seconds to finish, this was unacceptable for our home page.

The solution we ended up using was to develop software that would run on the server which would retrieve that XML news file at regular intervals. This meant that the file was always available to the ASP page that needed it. There was also another advantage, the software checks that XML file to make sure it is valid before saving it to the web directory.

Drive Size:
While working at the College of Business I found myself constantly needing to know the size of a hard drive that I held in my hand. Unfortunately many of the drives didn't have their capacity printed on them, only cylinders, sectors, heads, etc. I decided it would be much easier to write a small application that would calculate the size of the drive for me. This is the result.

HTML Maker:
This was an application that I wrote while writing the documentation for the Mailer.asp mailing script. I was in the middle of writing HTML "code examples" that were to be displayed on a web page. This meant writing the code using all the special character symbols so that it would display correctly on the web page. This application does that for me. You paste text in one window, the converted HTML appears in the other.

Simple View:
With the advent of Windows XP this software has a limited lifespan. SimpleView was written to be a lightweight picture viewer. I decided to write this when I got my first digital camera. I had all these image files, but no convenient way to browse through them. SimpleView was born.

Text Merge:
This is another application that was written at the College of Business. One of the things that I found myself doing was scanning lots of individual text documents, and then needing to merge them into one 'master' document. To do this manually I needed to open each document and copy-paste the contents into the master document. It wasn't long before I realized "This is a good job for a computer." The interface is a little rough but it solved my needs. Now I just select the files I want to merge and click the merge button and Voila, job done.

ASCII to EBCDIC Converter:
This is an application that I wrote while taking MIS 410 (The Architecture of Computer Hardware and Software. One of the topics in the class was character formats and the difference between ASCII and EBCDIC. I wanted to see if I could write an application that would convert from one format to the other.

Although I'm pretty sure that it works, I never had an actual IBM mainframe that I could test it on to see if my EBCDIC characters would display correctly.