Listed here are a couple screen shots of web work that I have done. Some of these are live projects, another is a project that was done for a graphic design class.

College of Business Administration: (popup)

This project was actually a redesign. It was my first redesign that was done on a large scale, with many pages being replaced simultaneously. Behind the scenes, the site takes advantage of Server Side Includes and CSS to make changes and updates easier.

The home page also has a news feed that is derived from an XML file provided by I also developed a custom program in Visual Basic to download the XML file on a regular basis (see the programming section).

There are also a few sections of this site that use database access and other scripting. Some of these can be found in the web programming section of this site.

Ninigret Divers LLC: (popup)

Ninigret Divers is a dive charter and SCUBA instruction company. This site was done a while ago but is still one of my favorites. I especially like the menu on the left.

Brands Hobby:
The final project for my graphic design class was to create a web page using the logo that we had previously designed. There are actually two versions of this page, with two different logos.