Listed here are a couple screen shots of web work that I have done. Some of these are live projects, another is a project that was done for a graphic design class.

Dynamic Calendar: (popup)

I received a couple suggestions from faculty members that they thought it would be nice to have a place to post events that related to the College of Business. I also thought this was a fantastic idea. Besides, it gave me a chance to do some coding! Borrowing some of my code from the Journal Application (see programming section) to display the months, I began working on the CBA Online Calendar Application.

There are two screenshots below. One of the calendar interface that the user sees, and one of the administration screen (with the admin details blurred out).

Study System (unfinished): (popup)

I had wanted to build this online application for a long time. Basically it's an online flashcard system. It has two access levels, the administrators can add new books, chapters, vocabulary, and concepts. Regular visitors (and administrators) can then go to the site and select books that they want to study. They can either browse through the book or have themselves quizzed on content from one of the books.

If you decide to visit the website above, only the Business and Society and e-Commerce books have data entered into the database.

XML News Feed:
The College of Business home page has a news feed that comes from an XML file. Originally we had planned on using the JavaScript code that was supplied by Moreover (the provider), but this turned out to be too slow to put on out home page. Luckily Moreover also provided their news feeds in XML format. The code on the homepage takes this XML file and parses out the information we needed to build out links.

Mailer Form:
Mailer.asp D/L Site (popup)

Mailer.asp was written to allow faculty and staff at the College of Business to easily add a nice contact form to their web sites. One of my requirements for the page was that the script should be easy enough to understand that the end user shouldn't need to know ASP or VbScript to use it. I also wanted this script for my own purposes on the CBA web site. There were a number of pages that needed to send emails, I wanted to centralize the code in one place.

There is no image for this script.

MBA Online Database: (popup)

The MBA Online Database contains the classes and professors who are teaching the classes. The web visitor can search for a course or a professor.

Faculty Positions Database: (popup)

This was a small database that was constructed for the College of Business website. It stores and displays any faculty position openings that the college currently has open. The visitor sees a listing of available positions, and can then click a link to read more about one.